Q. Audio fails in two-way communication system
A. Two-way communication can be done only when the audio recording in DVR is correctly done.

     You can improve the sound by setting up audio system as follows.

sound tap

Sound chart: No sound.

volume tap

Speaker set-up / high / quality
Hardware speed : max ...............sample speed conversion: good

audio tap

Play back volume - microphone / line input ‘mute’, volume ‘max’ .
Recording volume - microphone / line input
.............. Microphone high set-up: select Boost(a sound card with amplifier)

      If you use an IP in an environment where DVR and Client are installed,
      you should set up a port-forwarding function or DMZ at IP setting.
      Check the condition of audio port (DP : 49557,49559) when you use a port-forwarding.