Q. DVR is not connected to Client
A. Check the connection between DVR and Client.

     Check if DVR information(server connection code(100-001), IP address, ID, Password) is correct.

     If the same ID is being used at a remote system, DVR can not be connected. Use other ID.

     With DVR system with WindowsXP SP2, connection may be prevented by the window firewall.
     In that case, a prevention by firewall on DVR, DVR Mediaserver, Web server program should be undone.
     With a remote system, a prevention by firewall on DVR Client program should be undone.

     If you use an IP in an environment where DVR is installed,
     you should set up a port-forwarding function or DMZ at IP setting.
function type Port number
Web port TCP 80
Connection port TCP 7074
Audio port TCP 7075
Video port TCP 7076
Media port TCP 7077
Audio1 UDP 49557
Audio2 UDP 49559
Alive port UDP 49560
    Refer to Router or IP manual for setting up port-forwarding.