Q. When running test after setting up DDNS in DVR, an error message comes up
A.  After inputting DDNS information in Environment set-up window in DVR,
      click Test button to call domain and, in the normal case, the following message comes up.

      “Successed! Your URL is XXXX.ipdvrfree.com”

      If an error happen, the following message comes up;

         - XXXXXXXX is invalid Registration Number, please try again! : when registration number and serial number don’t accord.

         - ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER(-1) : when NULL is included in serial number or the number of letters is not 6~20.
         - ERR_INVALID_SERIAL(-2) : when a value other than number and alphabet is in serial number
         - ERR_INVALID_REGBUF(-3) : when a registration number is NULL

           when server address is incorrect